I am overwhelmed by one thing, a thing you always don’t wish for anyone .This thing is called PAIN and it is caused by couple of things.


I never understood, why she would act weird until one morning something happened, something that was unsual.Who would have refused to go out with their mama! Who would have thought our malicious walk would have torn my childhood away.


Our walk felt at ease, suddenly that joyful face ceased down to fear and panic as we slowly maneuvered into a small compound with only one hut in it, where girls and women whom I assumed to be their mothers were.


An old lady with deep wrinkles stood there with her equipment’s ready to butcher. Her eyes deeply infected with diseases, arms with large spots and blotchy skin indicating of her aging. As my mama stood there giving me words of encouragement ,I stood there inattentively  drowning in tears ,my heart was crying but no one seemed to notice of my dying soul .As the old woman approached, my crying ceased down to the worst, she stripped my waist down ,restraining me as if I were an escapee on the run. Sprawling over my arms and knees, applying pressure, pinning me on the bare sand to spread my knees further apart.


A cut, pain, tears with each slice as if carving a statue, the sharp pain stabbing in my heart. My remains left out to dry like a raw meat left out for scavengers to feed on .Numbness takes over! When fear got hold of me, when anger seized my body, when hate became my companion .Then I got a woman likeadvice, because it was feminine pain.


As darkness surrounds us in the small hut that my likes and I had as a shelter, cold and unhygienic, allalone with no one to hold .An empty world and all is left is pain, no sunshine to light our way, just never ending rain and floods of tears.


How do we stop this misery? Believing that it is necessary for girls marriageability to having virginity assurance .Believing that men prefer a circumcised girl over uncircumcised, that it is part of being a woman .But our existence has been torn away stealing parts of our God given gifts as if they were the ultimate giver!


The journey and struggle of being a woman continues. My soul hurts for us and my heart bleeds for innocent souls going through this.

8/8/2017 - Political D-day



Look around you. Observe the country we are living in. Can you feel the beating of millions of desperate hearts? Can you see the fear for tomorrow in the face of Kenyans? Do we pay tax for violence?

Now ask yourself, is this the Kenya we want? Is this the place where we expect each child to grow up when they open their innocent eyes and see the all God's creatures for the first time? Are we able to look into the eyes of those innocent souls scared of the outcome of the election without the feeling of shame for this reality full of evil, which we have to face?

No one is born with evil within .We are born, filled with love towards everyone and everything around us. But instead of us following our nature given hearts full of glows, we keep feeding ourselves with darkness over and over again. When did we stop judging people by their personality and started considering their religion and ethnic background? What urged us to acknowledge someone as an enemy just because of their religion or tribe? Isn’t earth the only place all of us were born in?

When our country and lives are nearly destroyed by the evil we spread, we would hardly care about power, ethnic groups we have towards each other. So why won’t we stop caring about it now, at this moment, on 8thAugust? Why won’t we start making this country a better place by creating peace, love and compassion?

Fellow Kenyans, let us not be fooled let nobody instigate us to mutiny, protest and violence .We have tested the bitter lesson 2007.The violence was a source of humiliation and anarchy for us. Let us reject the idea of violence because even as quiver over the elections results which is yet to happen, other nations have left us behind in development.

Peace cannot be achieved through violence it can only be attained through understanding, let’s all pray for harmony and unity for our country.

Let there be peace in Kenya …and let it begin with you. Kenya moja!!! Amani na upendo!!



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