ainbow minds is a group of 3 girls that seeks to enlighten and motivate their fellow colleagues especially the young brilliant and open-minded individuals.

Rainbow minds aims to promote a stable and fairness environment to combat female genital mutilations. Provide support and capacity building for vulnerable women and girls and marginalized young people.
We envision an environment where everyone attains the right to survival, protection and can create opportunities for themselves and others.
To inspire and empower people, a better world through kindness and compassion.
Our Objectives
1. Create sound ground for planning and action on discrimination against people with disability.
2. To create sense of co-operation integration and unity among the people. 
3.To motivate students through motivational talks. 
4. To develop better understanding among people about female genital mutilation, gender based violence, girl child and women empowerment


Thika Rd, Nairobi, Kenya
(+254) 0704255105